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Firearm Appraisals
Firearm Estate Liquidation — New Jersey

Whether you have one firearm, a large collection, or are dealing with an estate that owns firearms, we can provide a fair assessment and evaluation of any gun collection.  We can provide an appraisal on current replacement value and expected resale value.

Gun andFirearm Appraisals New Jersey | Handgun and Firearm Appraisals

Licensed Professionals

We are a state and federally licensed firearms dealer. We have over 25 years experience in the industry.

Our professional attention to detail is valuable to evaluate and assess your firearm or firearm collection. 

Piece Of Mind -- We take all safety, liability, and legality issues seriously.

Appraisals are done by appointment at a location of your choice, or our facility. Fees are based on the number of firearms, not their value.

Firearm Estate Appraisals

Call the Experts

One firearm or a collection — we can provide you with an appraisal.  We can assess current, replacement, and retail values. 

Our appraisals can be used for purposes of insuring, transferring, or selling your collection.

We gladly work with individuals or attorneys handing estates.

Estate Liquidation

We can help the estate quickly sell any number of firearms including pistols, rifles and antique guns. We have both a federal firearms license and a NJ Firearms License allowing us to handle nearly all types of firearms.

Worried about security? Security is in our last name.  We document everything we receive from you and provide an inventory listing with serial numbers when we take possession. All firearms are kept in our secure and climate-controlled storage area until they are sold. 

Attorneys — Firearms Appraisals & Liquidation for Estates

We can provide full service liquidatation of estates containing many firearms. We take safety seriously and properly document, store, and transfer the firearms to insure safety, limit liability, and prevent damage. In addition to certified appraisal certificates for each firearm, we can provide purchase quotes or consignment sales. We are fully licensed both federally and by New Jersey to insure all transactions are legal and firearms only go to those who can legally own them.

Individuals - Appraisals & Liquidations for Collections and Estates

We can provide piece of mind to individuals either liquidating an estate or selling a collection. We can offer full service liquidatation or help with appraisals and transfer. We take safety seriously and properly document, store, and transfer the firearms to insure safety, limit liability, and prevent damage.
Defensive Security is located conveniently in East Windsor/Hightstown NJ, in Mercer County. Instruction, sales and purchases are conducted in our private offices, by appointment. We're fully licensed by the BATFE and NJ State to conduct firearm sales and transfers for both new and used firearms. SAFE HANDLING OF A FIREARM IS CRITICAL. WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY!